7 Morning Weight Loss Food To Eat To Lose Weight Like Vietnamese Stars

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

If you want to lose weight successfully, you must not skip breakfast because it is a reliable supply of energy for the day's most important activities. So, what are the Vietnamese celebrities' weight-loss breakfasts?

We can see that, in addition to consistently exercising or adhering to a strict diet, choosing the right breakfast foods is also a measure to support the weight loss process of Vietnamese celebrities. Assist them in losing weight quickly. So, what is the Vietnamese celebrities' weight-loss breakfast? This article will tell you right immediately.

A few studies have found that those who eat a healthy breakfast reduce their overall calorie intake and lose weight. If you want to lose weight successfully, you must not skip breakfast because it is a reliable supply of energy for the day's most important activities. When trying to reduce weight, low-calorie items that keep you satisfied throughout the morning are an excellent choice.

Here are some items you should eat first thing in the morning to be healthy and fit.


Yogurt is a high-calcium, high-protein food that, when consumed in large quantities, helps us feel full for longer periods of time and reduces cravings. As a result, every breakfast with yogurt will be a perfectly natural and safe way to lose weight. Yogurt has many other advantages besides weight loss, including beautiful skin, improved digestion, and increased immunity.


You can't neglect a protein-rich food with vitamin D, which is eggs, if you want to offer enough energy for weight loss and wellness. Eggs for breakfast have been shown to cut calories for the next meal, assist maintain stable blood sugar and insulin levels, and leave no unfavorable fat deposits, according to studies. Eggs are also a good source of choline, a vitamin that is essential for brain health.


Fruit for breakfast weight loss The banana is a well-known fruit that is high in potassium, which helps to keep blood pressure in check. Bananas also contain a lot of starch, so eating them will make you feel fuller for longer. Bananas can also be eaten for breakfast with eggs, cheese, or yogurt to aid alleviate early hunger, enhance health, and lift spirits.

Oatmeal Porridge

Oats are high in omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, and potassium, and contain a lot of beta-glucan, a type of fiber that helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood, according to many studies. As a result, oats will provide the body with full energy and a long-lasting feeling of fullness.

Citrus Fruits

Consuming citrus fruits for breakfast, such as grapefruit or oranges, lowers insulin, a fat-storage hormone, preventing excess fat storage and aiding in the maintenance of a healthy figure. Obese people who eat half a grapefruit or 1-2 oranges before each meal can lose an average of 3.5 pounds in 12 weeks, according to experts.


You might be shocked to learn that watermelon, a popular summertime fruit, can help you lose weight. They are a good source of water, but they are also low in fat and cholesterol. Furthermore, the lycopene in watermelon provides a long-lasting feeling of fullness, which helps the body manage appetite and is beneficial to the heart.


Almonds contain monounsaturated fat, which, when tolerated by the body, does not cause fat storage. As a result, consuming almonds can help to reduce belly fat, waist fat, and leg fat, as well as avoid cardiovascular disease.


It's best to avoid some foods in the morning if you're trying to lose weight or stay fit, such as those that are rich in calories and don't keep you full for long. Avoid adding cream and sugar to tea or coffee if you eat refined cereals, baked goods, or dishes with added sugar, such as doughnuts, waffles, muffins, cream cheesecakes, and so on. High-fat meats, such as bacon and hot dogs, should be avoided.