Ribi Sachi Is The Star Of The School As She Attends Eurasian Vocational Training

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Ribi Sachi, a multi-talented kid, recently posted on Facebook that she continues to surprise people when she attends cooking classes at Eurasian Vocational School.

Cooking is not difficult; but, for many people, working as a chef poses a significant obstacle. Ribi Sachi, a multi-talented kid, recently posted on Facebook that she continues to surprise people when she attends cooking classes at Eurasian Vocational School. Ribi Sachi is always secure in practicing under the supervision of a teacher, despite the fact that she has only recently joined.

When many restaurants and hotels require high-quality human resources for high-class kitchens, learning to cook has recently become a fad among young people. Students are continuously registering for classes on Asian cooking, European cooking, and other topics. Fans were ecstatic when actress Ribi Sachi live-streamed a class in the Executive Chef program at Eurasian Vocational Training.

Join For The Love Of Professional Cooking

The kitchen industry is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, necessitating a significant increase in human resources. Many students enroll in the Professional Chef class to get the information, abilities, and attitude required of future cooks. Students can confidently apply for jobs in the kitchens of high-end restaurants and hotels after completing the course.

Following the live stream of Ribi Sachi studying to cook at Eurasian Vocational Training, many people have speculated whether she is seeking a new job or planning to create her own restaurant. Many of the students who attended the lesson with this young celebrity said that she came to learn how to properly prepare European foods. Despite her hectic filming and advertising commitments, Ribi Sachi still makes time in the kitchen to prepare healthy dishes that do not influence her weight.

Knowledge Is Not Just For Ribi Sachi

When the live stream not only exposes Ribi Sachi to cooking school but also functions as a bridge to bring a lot of intriguing facts, this pretty girl continues to gain points in the hearts of viewers. Ribi Sachi was asked several questions regarding the food he was learning, in addition to listening to the instructor briefly discuss European cuisine, the components that need to be made and going through each stage. Questions such as why fresh oranges should be added to passion fruit sauce, why vegetables should be put on ice after blanching, and so on are answered, for example, with Salmon with Passion Fruit Sauce. She presented the knowledge and abilities that teachers use to teach not just professional chefs but also home cooks.

Friendly Classes Remove Shyness

Many lives tream viewers were taken aback because it was Ribi Sachi's first time learning to cook professionally, yet she was quite confident in each operation. During the study session, she frequently discussed questions with the instructors and acted as a bridge to answer queries from fans.

Ribi Sachi admitted that she was nervous when she first decided to study because it was the first time she went to the kitchen to learn how to make a dish that required so many components. When she initially learned to cook at Eurasian Vocational Training, however, the enthusiastic, hilarious speaker and welcoming class atmosphere helped her overcome her fear.

Ribi Sachi, who had never considered herself a celebrity, took her classes seriously, combined with the tight atmosphere between teachers and students in the kitchen of Eurasian Career Guidance.


The cooking class with a lot of useful knowledge of the young star has really come closer to many people thanks to a large number of followers of the live stream via Facebook, Ribi Sachi's youtube channel, Eurasian Career youtube channel.